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Hopeful Hearts in Highland PARK 
A Story of the Highland Park July 4
th Parade

The 4th of July forever changed Highland Park, Illinois. During what would have been a joyous event for families and community members, confusion and terror ensued leaving the community heart broken and lost. 


"But something else happened that day in HP, People came together in the community. Kindness coated the walls, sidewalks, and streets. Strangers outstretched their arms to all who they'd meet."

This story brings light and love to a town devastated by gun violence and a mass shooting. 


Highlighting how a community came together and kindness in the world, Hopeful Hearts in Highland Park is perfect for families and children. 

Maggie Schmieder and her family were at the parade and luckily were able to run to safety. She hopes this book brings comfort and hope to others. 

For more information about this event and resources for those affected visit here

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